Who’s A Better Self-Promoter Than I Am? Everybody.

If you’ve been to this site before, you already know it’s not a very flashy place to be. A lot of text. No pictures. A handful of what many of you would consider to be boring topics.

So, a fairly accurate reflection of me.

The articles you find here are meant to show you some of the issues I’ve worked on and how I reason about those issues. Your opportunity as a voter is to look at some of this stuff and decide whether you want me to continue to work this way on your behalf.

I introduce myself as Jason Perreault, not Selectman Perreault.

I am The Least Selfied Man in America.

I don’t do PR gigs. I don’t do photo ops. I don’t bring a friend along to take my picture as I turn in my nomination papers, as I contribute to a community service project, as I stand lost in deep thought.

I don’t tell you anything I think might sound good to you, just to win your vote.

I worked in obscurity for a year on an ad hoc committee charged by the K-8 School Committee to study the condition of the school buildings.

I worked in obscurity for three years on the Elderly & Disabled Taxation Fund Committee, helping to launch a new program and provide another means of tax relief for citizens in need.

I worked in obscurity for ten years on the Financial Planning Committee, reviewing capital plans and budgets, and spending some of my spare time on the ARHS state grant dispute. As Chair for seven of those years, I had the opportunity at Annual Town Meeting to utter riveting statements such as “Mr. Moderator, the Financial Planning Committee recommends approval of this article.”

I’ve worked for six years in somewhat less obscurity as a member of the Board of Selectmen.

I honestly can’t explain why I’ve kept at it this long, because it’s not play. It’s work. Something about it must be worthwhile, because something makes me show up for my next meeting, find my way to every night of every Town Meeting, vote in every Town Election, chair a board or committee, speak at Memorial Day and Tree Lighting even though I’m a terrible public speaker, wander out of town to attend a public hearing or a court proceeding to observe, to support, to represent the Town.

Some things I do well. Some things I don’t do well.

I don’t expect thanks.

I do expect criticism.

I never listen for applause.

I don’t know what it’s all about, but the one thing I know is that it’s not about me.

OK, fine. One thing about me. One PR gig. One photo op. One selfie.

ARHS Junior Prom Post-Prom Party
1:30 AM Sunday morning, May 17 2015
New England Sports Center, Marlborough MA

My annual all-nighter. On-ice supervision on Rink 1. The kids are stumbling around the ice in those atrocious, broken-down, dull-bladed figure skates, and they’re enjoying every minute of it. So am I.

They’ve only been here an hour, but already the ice is unplayable.