I created his blog so you could get to know me well enough to make an informed voting decision. But I should be getting to know you a little bit better, too.

If you have a question or concern about the Town of Northborough that you would like to pass along to me privately, feel free to do it here. You’re welcome to include some contact information, but at the moment I’m not requiring it (and won’t, unless things get out of hand). Obviously, if you would like a reply, you’ll have to tell me how to reach you; and in that case, you might prefer to just email me directly at

If you would prefer to contact me without identifying yourself, use the following form. But before submitting, consider your privacy. I’m using the services of WordPress. I don’t directly control the hosting server or the database, and cannot guarantee that anything you submit will remain confidential. That said, while I might blog about the topic of your submission, I won’t disclose your identity. Except as required by law, of course. And neither of us wants it to come to that, do we? So please keep it suitable for human consumption. Even if I’m the only human consuming it.

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